Learn To Develop Partnerships, Affiliates, & Brand Ambassadors That Send You Clients On An Ongoing Basis!

Give me just 20 minutes on a Zoom Meeting and I will help you with a strategy to create a network of referral partners that promote your product or program as affiliates!

What Do You Need For Your Business?


When you have strategic partners sending you new client referrals consistently, you never have to rely on ads or word-of-mouth.


The easiest, fastest, and most economical way to fill events, workshops & seminars is through affiliate partnerships.


Training and implementation support to help you generate consistent traffic, leads, and sales using inbound marketing.


Co-founder, partner, or investor in multiple fast growing companies (e-commerce, e-learning, SaaS, coaching + consulting)

Meet Chuck Anderson, a seasoned entrepreneur and marketing expert. Chuck is a co-founder, partner, or investor in multiple fast-growing companies across industries including e-commerce, e-learning, SaaS, coaching, and consulting.

He has a proven track record of starting, buying, and selling businesses in the software, telecom, coaching, consulting, and training industries.

Currently, Chuck serves as the CEO of Fincastle Media Inc, a firm that specializes in helping clients with their affiliate and brand ambassador programs.

He offers three main services to his clients:

  1. Affiliate Acquisition: Chuck helps clients acquire more strategic partners to consistently send new client referrals.
  2. Affiliate Management: Chuck provides clients with the tools and support they need to successfully nurture and manage their affiliates.
  3. Event Promotion: Chuck helps clients fill their virtual or in-person events with affiliate partners by providing expert marketing and promotion support.

In addition to his work at Fincastle Media, Chuck is also the founder of BlissfulParenting.com and CoachMarketingLab.com and a long-time coach and trainer with Ignited Academy. Chuck was the former Director of Marketing and Managing Partner at the Internet Marketing Center, where he helped grow the company to $20 million in annual revenue.

Chuck's expertise in marketing has earned him a reputation as a successful business builder. He has quadrupled his client base and fees through innovative marketing experiments and is now dedicated to passing on his knowledge to other coaches, consultants, and service professionals who are ready to scale their businesses without using high-pressure sales methods.


What Is Your #1 Business Growth Challenge?

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