Chuck Anderson - Affiliate Management Expert & Investor

Grow Your Revenue & Profits By Recruiting Affiliates, Brand Ambassadors, and Promotional Partners

I'll Help You Develop Partnerships, Affiliates, & Brand Ambassadors That Send You Clients On An Ongoing Basis!

Give me just 20 minutes on a Zoom Meeting and I will help you with a strategy to create a network of referral partners that will fill your event or send you clients! bio


Chuck Anderson is the founder of Fincastle Media Inc, a firm that specializes in helping clients with their affiliate and brand ambassador programs.

He offers three main services to his clients:

  1. Affiliate Acquisition: Chuck helps clients acquire more strategic partners to consistently send new client referrals.
  2. Affiliate Management: Chuck provides clients with the tools and support they need to successfully nurture and manage their affiliates.
  3. Event Promotion: Chuck helps clients fill their virtual or in-person events with affiliate partners by providing expert marketing and promotion support.

In addition to his work at Fincastle Media, Chuck is also the founder of and and a long-time coach and trainer with Ignited Academy. Chuck was the former Director of Marketing and Managing Partner at the Internet Marketing Center, where he helped grow the company to $20 million in annual revenue.


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