What If There Was A Way For Podcast Hosts & Guests To Get Paid For Every Episode?

Interview amazing experts & influencers on your podcast ... then use our proven system to turn your guests into partners that help create and sell your signature offers.

Podcasting For Partners
LIVE Workshop

WHEN: March 11, 2022 @ 9am - Noon PT
WHERE: Online via Zoom

$197 General Admission

You're speaking on podcasts or even host a show of your own. Now you're looking for a simpler way to make money from every episode.

You thought that speaking on podcasts would bring in the sales!

But you're still not sure if you have what it takes to compete with the other offers out there and the thought of doing this alone is not super exciting. If only there was a way to collaborate with someone as excited as you are so you don't have to do this alone.

You're skilled at what you do but you  struggle to do everything!

You're not super excited about investing thousands of dollars on marketing and ads or having to work full-time hours on strategies just to bring in few measly sales that are barely covering your expenses. What if you could finally make podcasting make money for you?

Podcast interviews are not the selling machine you thought it would be

Just like so many other podcasters, you started your podcast fueled by your excitement and enthusiasm. But now the reality has set in and you don't want to be doing all this work for free. You need an easier way to make money from podcasting.

-- Bottom Line --

You want your podcast interviews to be profitable by selling your signature offer -- without having to spend thousands on marketing or advertising.

Here's a crazy question for you ...

What if you stopped podcasting for free -- and started making money by finding ways to turn your podcast guests into profitable partnerships instead?

Sound too good to be true?

Hang tight. We're about to show you exactly how.

Here's Just Some Of The Ways You Can Partner With Your Podcast Guests ...

These are just a few of 30+ different ways that you can create profitable partnerships with the amazing guests that you interview on your podcast.

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Turn Them Into Affiliates

Most guests want to promote their episode to their own audience. What if you paid them a commission to promote your product as well?

Co-create An Online Course

Your guest shared some amazing insights during their interview. What if you interviewed them again but this time turn the recordings into an online course that you both can profit from?

Promote Each Other's Program

Most guests are more than happy to share a link back to your program with their list as part of announcing their episode. They'll be willing to do even more if you promote their program to your list as well.

Start A New Business Together

During the interview you realized that it would be amazing to work together on a project or even start a new business. Together you can achieve more than you both could individually.

Here's What You'll Accomplish In This 4-Hour Workshop

  • Identify the "hidden goldmines" that you can take advantage of right now.
  • Choose from 30+ different ways that you can partner with your podcast guests.
  • Develop a communication strategy for turning the interview into a partnership conversation.
  • Connect with other podcasters who are open to creating partnerships with you!

You'll leave with a step-by-step plan for converting your podcast guests into profitable partnerships so you can accelerate the growth of your business in 2022!

Meet Your Workshop Facilitators

Chuck Anderson

Marketing Expert & Investor

Chuck has worked as a marketing consultant for 25+ years working primarily with experts to publish their work into ebooks, courses, and coaching programs.

Michelle Abraham

Podcasting Expert & Agency Owner

Michelle is the founder of AMPLIFYOU, a marketing agency that helps experts create, publish and manage their podcasts. 

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Podcasting For Partners
LIVE Workshop

WHEN: March 11, 2022 TIME: 9am - Noon PT
WHERE: Online via Zoom

$197 General Admission