Getting Affiliates To Promote You

How To Attract & Motivate Your Affiliates To Follow Through

In this video, Chuck Anderson discusses the crucial elements of getting affiliates to promote your offers.

He emphasizes the importance of not only recruiting affiliates but also training, managing, celebrating, and nurturing relationships with them to build a successful affiliate program. 

Chuck shares insights and strategies based on his agency's experience in setting up and running affiliate programs for clients. He stresses the significance of going beyond the initial recruitment phase to ensure affiliates follow through and promote effectively.

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Key Themes Discussed In This Video ...

  • Recruitment of the right affiliates (00:01:15)
  • Providing comprehensive training and support (00:02:34)
  • Effective affiliate management and communication (00:04:32)
  • Celebrating and nurturing relationships with affiliates (00:05:18)
  • Building long-term relationships for repeat promotions (00:06:18)

What if you could have your entire affiliate program launched in just 7 days?

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  • We meet again to review your recruitment strategy

By the end of this session, you will be ready to recruit affiliates and have EVERYTHING you need to support them.